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Research Zine

Forking Room’s research lab is a program aiming to share artistic research and co-produce knowledge, focusing on the phenomena around the interface between art, technology, and society. Each year, participants delve into their own topic under the yearly theme and conduct individual research for four weeks with presentation and discussion, finally publishing them as a form or research zine.

Due to the heavy amount of pages, the zines are not translated into English and we kindly ask you to use machine translation. Please mention the author when you cite any of these zines or directly contact the author for further discussion. All rights reserved to the authors.

Forking Room Research Lab 2023 Adrenaline Prompt

Adrenaline Prompt focuses on prompt-based AI and its phenomena. How can we find other latent spaces or blanks through a new passage where a prompt acts as an interface between humans and AI?

Forking Room Research Lab 2022 Canary in the Synthetisphere

Canary in the Synthetisphere presents thoughts on synthetic media that are produced from computation based on statistics, rather than based on reality or real incidents.

Forking Room Research Lab 2021 Absent Dataset

Absent Dataset understands the dataset as a pile of data to train AI and discusses the cultural and political issues of datasets and their potential blanks.

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