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Min-hyung Kang

Kang works in various positions in the visual arts, including curator, interpreter, and director at Barim located in Gwangju. She is especially interested in trans-locality and decentralization in art practice and researches the potentiality of practicing art locally that is not bound to the idea of conventional locality, especially in connection with the idea of new technology. She created and runs the Degital platform, which reads this translocality and autonomy in the context of digital technologies and seeks alternative forms of art that deal with digital technology.

Soo Yon Song
Song is a media artist and her research focuses on technoculture. She is a member of the Unmake Lab and is particularly interested in technological objects that communicate through interfaces, sensing, and data flows. Her research and teaching centers on the idea of how the process of dealing with technology expands to a creative and critical approach and on the thoughts and practices of mediating society.

Binna Choi

Choi is a media artist and educator. As a member of Unmake Lab, she is interested in researching and rearranging the interrelationships or structures that form among humans, technology, nature, and society, particularly at the intersection of ecology and technology from the perspective of Generic Nature. She represents this process in the form of exhibitions, education, and research.

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